sheetpaperSo I went to the Gator by the Bay on Sunday...the wonderful Taryn Donath was awesome on the Bourbon Street Stage, as was Whitney Shay - I had a great time at both shows. My real treat, though, as a guitar player, was seeing Steve Nichols and the Gypsy Swing Cats on the Fountain Stage rippin' through some great guitar jazz pieces like you never saw. What a fantastic time. Thanks to my friends Taryn, Whitney, and Steve (and their bands) for such great music!!!

Ross Smith

The samples of Opus contain great unique compositions and arrangements; I really appreciate the various techniques you explore with your music and as an ensemble. In “Bossa Dorado,” I really enjoyed the playing; outstanding feel, very nice melody, interesting arrangement, great ensemble sound, and the music is enjoyable and creative.Guitar2

Jeff Williams
Kari-On Productions LLC.

"Dear Gypsy Swing Cats: We have seen you play at six different dates and have enjoyed your music every time. Guy's playing is astonishing. His ability to pick and strum make his guitar sing and Steve is just as accomplished in his play. The bass brings it all together, we like Evona but have also enjoyed Robin and his wonderful riffs. Keep up the wonderful job and we look forward to your CD this spring. "

- Chet and Jude Yates, Email (Feb 04, 2011)

"Doug wrote: "Steven - it was great meeting you and Guy (I had met Evona previously, and it was great seeing her perform again, too!) at the Friendly Grounds Coffee House yesterday evening, and hearing your fantastic gypsy swing interpretations of many familiar songs and some I hadn't heard before. We'll probably stop in there again on one other Tuesday this month. To all San Diegans who read Steven's postings - set aside a Tuesday evening to come to this coffee house and hear these guys play. You will love their energy, virtuosity, and passion for this special music! And you'll find yourself tapping your foot and really getting into the swing of things."

- Doug Brunelle, Facebook (Feb 03, 2011)